Beverage Service Information

Asterisk handles all alcoholic beverage service requirements for your event as it holds the liquor license.  For bar menus and pricing, please contact your venue representative directly.

Beverage Service Policies
    • A minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the event date the client is required to place the preliminary beverage event order (BEO). Within two weeks of the Event, only the guest count may be changed. Not complying with this policy may result in a dry event, as products may not be available.
    • Client is required to provide the venue with a credit card on file for beverage services. This card will be charged for the approved deposit which is 100% of the estimated total beverage service and due 30 days prior to the event.
    • Soft last call is 45 minutes prior to the event end time with the last drink served 30 minutes before the conclusion of the event.
    • Beverage service minimums are applicable or additional fees may apply. A flat minimum of $1,500.00 cumulative of all bars for the event is required. If the total beverage sales do not meet this minimum the difference will be noted as a cost on the final invoice. Bar labor and applicable fees are not applied to minimum.
    • No alcoholic beverage can be brought onto or leave the premises; products brought on to premise will be confiscated and may result in loss of venue security deposit.
    • Food must be accompanied with any alcoholic beverage service.
    • Asterisk has a “no shots” policy, also drinks made with more than two spirits i.e. Long Islands, Hurricanes etc. are not allowed unless pre-made and ordered by Client as a Specialty Drink.
    • Colorado State Law prohibits the sale to and consumption of alcoholic beverages to anyone under 21 years of age. All guests will be carded and no service will be given to those that do not have a state issued identification card.
    • Asterisk has the right to shut down a bar(s) based on traffic.
    • Additional staff may be required to accommodate specialty cocktail service (i.e. champagne toast, tasting bars). The select catering company can pass/serve but the venue appointed beverage staff are required to prepare the beverage to be passed.
    • Specialty orders will be accommodated if placed a minimum of 30 days prior to the event date.
    • All products, not consumed, will remain the property of the venue.
    • The 22% Service Charge is not a gratuity. This is an industry standard fee that helps cover the cost of some of the ancillary operating cost such as refrigeration, operating supplies and management. This fee is not applied to labor or bar setup fees.
    • Staffing numbers are based on final guest count at (1) bartender per (75) guests. A bar manager will be onsite for all events. Additional specialty bartenders/staff may be required and added should specialty items be included in bar service such as champagne toast, tasting stations, specialty drink bars, passed drinks, etc. Additional bartending staff billed at $40/hour each.
    • Policies, rates and selections are subject to change.

A/V Equipment

Included in the venue rental are basic audio/visual services such as background house sound, microphone and projection screen. The in-house audio-visual system is extensive and can be expanded through sound and, most importantly, visual scenes through the dramatic lighting designed within the premium in-house system.  Customized audio/visual services can be provided for additional fee.  Please contact your venue representative for further details and pricing.